Music and Video Creations

—East Tennessee’s Premium Audio Recording Studio and Video Production Company—

Melodic Wave Productions and Recording Studios is a music production and video production service that offers state of the art equipment and techniques. Melodic Wave Productions has two locations within the East  Tennessee area to better serve our clients. 




Melodic Wave Productions and Recording Studios is a family oriented mid-level production service that offers Video Production, Music Production, as well as Graphic Design services for the East Tennessee Area.

We have the capabilities to produce and create most all genres of music as our Recording Studio engineers, musicians, and producers have a rich Nashville background.

From the amateur who is just wanting to record that “first song”, to the touring professional needing a full production, to the corporation in need of a 30 minute safety video presentation or a 30 second radio commercial, we are capable and ready to help.

Our Recording Studios offer the latest in technology and gear. Feel free to visit our Recording Studio locations at any time. Simply contact us and we would be glad to meet with you to answer any questions that you may have as well as giving you a tour of our facilities.

Our recording studios have been designed to optimize both video and audio recordings. Our recording studios also offer lounge areas for friends and family members that accompany our clients.

We proudly serve the East Tennessee Area.



Amateur Music Production:

Melodic Wave Productions offers several options to the amateur (individual, band, church group, etc.) desiring to record their music to CD or Video, whether in our recording studios or on site. The simplest and most cost efficient method is for the client to generate and provide a pre-production of the project via Cassette Tape, CD. or MP3. Once the pre-production is available to us, our team members will review your project, develop an opinion, then discuss our recommendations with the client as to their production options. We allow the client to interject every step of the way and often sit side by side with the producer, musician or musicians, as the project is developed in our recording studios.

If a pre-production is not available then we simply bring our client to the recording studio to record a pre-production. This method is slightly more costly, but very effective. The same procedural process then takes effect as we develop the project.

We also offer some of the best music production in East Tennessee. One of our owner/musicians has mastered over thirteen instruments and is extremely efficient in creating high standard tracks in many genres, this is an extremely efficient method for singer/song writers that are not involved with a band and need to bring their songs and ideas to life at an affordable price. As we said, our recording studios are ready for the task at hand.



Professional Music Production:

Professional Artists generally approach a project with preset details in mind and usually need softer producing techniques. However, our team’s experience can certainly interject when needed. Pro Sets are made easy with our expert team and state of the art software and gear. Again, we have professional musicians that can help under most all circumstances.



Video Production:

Melodic Wave Productions offers a wide variety of video production services. Commercial Video Presentation Videos, Wedding Videos, Safety Presentation Videos, Educational Video Presentations, Music Videos, On Site Videos, Personal Videos of Various Types, You name it and we can have a video crew at your location ready to get the job done.



Graphic Design:

We can also help our clients develop their image. Designing a CD or DVD cover, Tapestry or Stage Background can be a worrisome task. Our team can help. Give us your ideas and we can help you bring them to life. Ideas become images with the help of our team’s experience and software.




Due to the extreme variations that are possible in any given project it is our policy to offer quoted rates according to the clients resource requests. In other words we determine our clients needs and offer a package rate that would best fit the project requirements.


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